Giving in to the Geckos

I have finally caved to the geckos.

Not the in sense that I am still not planning on shooing as many of them back outside as I can, but they definitely scored a point against me tonight. I was running late to get to the final write-in for NaNo, and saw a little gecko on the wall, up above the cat climber where the wall is about, oh, twelve feet tall. I stopped, and looked, and considered very hard going to get the step ladder to catch the gecko… and then thought “Oh, it’s just a gecko!” and walked out the door.

Score one for team gecko.

I suppose that really illustrates where I am mentally with Hawai’i at the moment, too; I’m tired of “dealing” with the differences, so I’m starting to just shrug them off and move on with whatever it is I’m doing. This is a very good thing. Now I just need to get myself onto some kind of reasonable schedule so I can get things (i.e. maybe my novel?) done. The one thing I’ve taken to like a gecko on the wall (go ahead and groan, you know you want to), is so-called “Island Time.” I have no problem just sort of showing up when I feel like it and getting things done when I feel like it. Now, sometimes this means I want to go now and I want to get whatever-it-is done immediately, but it’s still just a whenever I feel like it sort of thing. Hm.

We have decorated the house for Christmas, but I haven’t started on my cards yet. I usually send them out around the second week of December, but I don’t know if I’ll make it this year because I can’t seem to find a craft store that carries card stock that I can use. This is another thing I have not gotten used to; there are plenty (and too many) things from the mainland here, but never what I really want. For instance, there are more Taco Bells than I’ve seen anywhere else, but no Michael’s crafts.

Well, I am off to get some sleep and start trying to recover from NaNo 2009. Next year should be a world better; I’ll have time to plan things, for starters.

Can you believe it’s already December? Where did time go?

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