joanna irl

The Cat Hat

The scene: Sunday evening, before dinner but after dark, and J and I are sitting on the couch, playing a game together on the xbox. We’ve been there a little while, maybe 45 minutes, and are having a good time with the (mostly) mindless game. Out of my peripheral vision, I see Leena jump to the back of the couch. This is normal behavior, as she uses it as her personal walkway to get to the cat tree, so I don’t pay much attention.

Suddenly, I’m getting tapped on the shoulder. Then on the back of my head. I acknowledge her, thinking this is all she wants (both of my cats like to know that they are at least somewhat the center of attention at all times), but the poking continues.

After a minute, there is a whump and a solid weight appears on top of my head.

Leena sat on my head.

It takes me about ten seconds to realize what’s going on, during which time I freak out a little because I hadn’t expected anything on my head. Who does? Ten seconds is also just long enough for Leena to decide to jump down, and for us to lose our game.

J’s reply?

“Why didn’t you just ignore her? I would’ve!”

Yeah, right.

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