Kaimuki Orchid Show

Sunset colors

This weekend I went to the Kaimuki Orchid Society’s orchid show.

There is huge variety in the orchid world, not just in color but in shape and size, too. There were blooms almost as big as my face, and blooms barely bigger than a pin-head. Amazing! Some of them are bred for color and some for smell. Some have stalks that are incredibly tall and some look like other flowers (I saw “pansy orchids“). Some have spots and some have stripes. It was really amazing.


A couple that I volunteer with at the zoo gave me tickets, so I was able to get a free orchid at the show. I also got a little sprout that had been donated (there were a couple hundred of them) and I potted it myself. They are now on my front porch (to get morning sun and not bake in the afternoon).

Long arches

I want to find out how difficult growing orchids really is before I actually buy one, though they seem to be easy enough to keep in Hawaii; it’s the right climate for them here. You can see the rest of my photos from the orchid show starting here. ^_^

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