Feeling Old

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting old.

It’s mostly at the times when I get preoccupied with things like the fact that my baseboard are dusty and have cat hair stuck to them and it bothers me to the point that I get out the vacuum and clean the baseboard and then the stairs, too, for good measure and then the living room and finally I’ve vacuumed half the house all because of dirty baseboards.

And then I feel a little bad that I was so preoccupied with the baseboards. Who really looks at them anyway? Okay, I do. And it bothered me until I cleaned them. But why did it bother me? This I can’t understand.

So then when I feel down and irritable that I’m being old, I go and hug my teddy bear, Edward, who’s as big as I am and suddenly I don’t feel so old any more.

Edward Bear

(For the record, he’s named for the prince in Enchanted. Not the other, sparklerific one.)

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