Home Improvements

Feeling very handy today, I decided to take care of some chores that I haven’t felt like doing for a while.

The front garden of our house is maintained by the housing people and it’s (to put it mildly) ugly. To put it not as mildly, it’s brown muddy mudness with weird slug-attracting plants. I have no idea what these plants are, nor can I find them in my Hawaiian plant book. Granted, my plant book is small, but still…

A couple of weeks ago I filled out the paperwork needed to “modify” the garden. Yes, I had to fill out paperwork. I even had to give them a copy of my power of attorney to prove that J didn’t mind me doing it. (YAY military, right?) The form asked what I was going to do, so I wrote “add annuals and perennials” and signed it.

First I dug up the foremost of the weird plants and moved it to the other end of the garden, where it will get full sun and be out of sight. It sort of reminded me of a giant bulb. And now I have several tiny but pretty plants that (I hope!) will fill out the garden. I also planted some ti plants to fill in the holes that the landscape people have made in the shrubs and I planted a hibiscus.

After that, I went to the store and bought a twin sized memory foam mattress pad… for the sofa. I read online that you can restuff sofa cushions by cutting squares of a foam mattress pad and lo and behold! It worked! My sofa now has super comfy cushions and doesn’t look like it’s sagging in the middle (which is where I always sit).

So that was my afternoon, after a morning of cleaning at the zoo. I feel all sorts of productive!

The house still needs a major cleaning, but maybe I’ll get to that this weekend. Maybe.

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