Good Bribes

Remember I said I got good bribes from J when he came home? I (finally) took a couple of photos. ^_^

September Bribes

Now, I call them bribes because Sailors have always brought souvenirs home from their trips, and I have this sense that at least part of the tradition is to say, “I’m sorry I was away so long, please don’t be mad, look what I brought you from the foreign port!” It makes me laugh. He did bring me some fun things, though. I’m trying to keep my house de-cluttered, so I asked him not to bring anything that would take up space. I got magnets from three places (we collect them, you should see our fridge!), a little Stitch figure from San Diego, and a coffee mug from the very first Starbucks, which he visited in Seattle. It even says so on the back of the mug, see?

Pike Place mug

Yes, it’s in use. I realized as I was pouring in the milk that I still hadn’t taken a picture and that the mug was about to be dirty (again). So there it is! ^_^ And maybe this stuff isn’t exciting to you, but Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters, and the mug is shaped for me to hold it with two hands (which is how I hold mugs) plus it’s big enough for a large cup of coffee/tea/chocolate, and one of the magnets is from the San Diego zoo with elephants on it! ^_^ So it’s exciting to me. ^_^ I got a few other things, too, like brochures and maps and whatnot, but this was the main stuff. Oh, and the (now signed) baseball that smacked into his shoulder. He brought me that, too. I’m not putting it on the kitchen counter, though. ~_^

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