Ineffective workout partner

I’ll write about the weekend trip, I promise. Photos are uploading as I type this, and then I’ll caption them and then I’ll write a blog post about it. Really.

But at the moment, I would like to explain why cats (especially Caspian) make ineffective workout partners.

  • Head-butting my forehead is adorable, but when he feels the need to do so every time I do a pushup, it kind of messes up what I’m doing.
  • Stretching on the floor is nice, but apparently makes my lap a little too accessible and I can’t seem to explain to him that I’m not there to make it more convenient for him to sit on me.
  • If I’m doing sit-ups, it’s apparently the perfect time to lean on me and go into full-extended-kitty-stretch mode, while balancing with his back feet on my side.
  • If I’m doing cardio, he stands at my feet and yells at me. Rather than being motivating, it’s more irritating and I’m kind of afraid I’m going to step on him. If you’ve ever been on the phone with me and heard that irritating yowl, you know the one he’s using.
  • Squats are not a good time to wind between my feet.
  • That green mat I keep sitting/standing on seems to be mistaken for a personal “biscuiting” mat– he kneads it because it’s squishy, but it leaves little picks.
  • Bath time in the middle of the floor can wait. I promise.

Anyway, at-home workouts are nice, but the audience is definitely challenging. Maybe I need to sign him up for cataerobics…. or just stick him in the guest room for an hour every morning.

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