Unexpected Adventures– a New Windshield

Take a good look at this:

Windshield FAIL

It’s kind of interesting looking. Well, except for the fact that it’s my windshield and that the roundish bit is lined up with (roughly) where my right eye would be. Not cool.

I was on my way to the zoo on Thursday morning when I heard a sound like a (relatively quiet) shot and saw this in front of my face. I didn’t see what hit me, though I’m assuming it was a rock. It looks sort of like a golf ball, but I promise I wasn’t anywhere near a golf course– I was downtown on the H1. That highway is my nemesis. I’m not kidding, either. It’s made me late more times than I can count and you can’t predict travel times (If I leave an hour early, I’ll be ten minutes late, but if I only leave a half hour early, I’ll still be ten minutes late. Always.) and it’s congested with people who don’t know where they’re going because if you follow signs that say “Waikiki” you wind up on the H1.

Anyway, because of traffic, I had to continue all the way to the zoo, drive on past it (and phone in to tell them I wouldn’t be there that day), and then drive all the way back home on the H1 because the company that fixes windshields was back near my house.

So after two hours of sitting in traffic, I finally got to the glass place. In the meantime I’d discovered that Hawaii isn’t one of the states in which windshield replacement is covered under “comprehensive” insurance. I feel like someone should look up the definition of comprehensive because I think they missed the finer points…

I paid out of pocket for new (shiny! clean! pretty!) glass and was thankful they had it in stock and we didn’t have to get it shipped from the mainland (no windshield cave-ins from sitting in the sun for days!) and they even saved my military base stickers so I didn’t have to sit in line for three hours getting new ones. Tiny silver lining? Oh yeah.

So that was the excitement at the end of last week. I hope this week won’t be quite so adventurous.

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