Port Royal Change of Command

Last Thursday I was one of a few to attend the Change of Command ceremony on our ship, where we received a new Captain and said goodbye to the one that has been there for our entire time in Hawaii. Sitting in the front, I had a good view overall and took some photos which are now in my photo journal. Really, though, it’s hard to describe some Navy traditions without seeing them yourself. Pennants were lowered and raised, the Captains saluted the admiral and shook hands, new orders were read to the crew and assembled guests.

I had intended to write a lot more about it, but I think the photos really speak for it better than I could.

I will say that the outgoing Captain was given a piece of the ship’s hull, complete with repaired cracks, in a large frame. I know his family is ready to have him home for a while.

But even with a new commanding officer, much remains the same; Sailors have duty, the ship has to sail, and we keep moving forward, just with the possibility of a new tone and maybe the feeling of a fresh start.

Here is a link to the Navy’s article on the change of command, if you’re interested. ^_^

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