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Monkeying Around

Wading monkey 1

[edited to add photos]

Today the schedule at the zoo was completely disrupted by tree trimmers beside the tiger exhibits, so the tigers couldn’t go outside so we couldn’t clean inside so we had an extra hour on our hands.

So I suggested we flood the spider monkey exhibit. This turned out to be excellent primate enrichment because not only did the monkeys enjoy it, but the humans enjoyed it, too!

Monkeys reaching into water

We started off by making a sand bag and then wedging it into the big drain along the side of the exhibit. Then we spent about 20 minutes shooting the big hose onto the floor until the back half of the floor was flooded. We tossed in some toys (plastic eggs glued shut with navy beans inside to make noise) and some food (cherries and corn and edamame) and then watched them play.

96/365 Monkey wetting her fingers

[I will post photos later, but for now I want to get some dinner and then some rest.– now posted!]

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