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Tetanus shots: the way I REALLY feel

So, I really hate getting tetanus shots.  In fact, getting the b0osters makes me downright mad.

Y’know why?

Because if you are ever in any kind of accident or experience any trauma, they make you get another one.

WHY do I need to get a new one every 5 years if you’re going to make me get another one as soon as I cut myself??

There was a period when I got a tetanus shot about once a year because I’m just an accident-prone person. I have now reached 6 years since the last time I know for sure that I got one, and I really wasn’t planning on getting another one, but now I find out that to leave the country I have to have one. SO I need to go back to my doctor and get one.

This irritates me in so many ways.

Y’know why?

Because if I cut myself while in a foreign country, do you know the first thing I’ll get?

A tetanus shot.

4 thoughts on “Tetanus shots: the way I REALLY feel”

  1. I’m bad… I don’t think I’ve ever had one =\ I get hurt and that’s the end of it… even when I put a rusty nail (twice) through my foot! Doctor’s didn’t say anything.


  2. I bet it’s probably because they know that lots of people don’t go to the doctor/hospital when they should (i.e. after having stepped on a piece of rusty barbed wire), and once the lockjaw sets in you’re really screwed!


    1. Eh, you’re probably right. I finally went and got the booster today. This time the NEW and IMPROVED one with the diphtheria vaccine included. That was good at least.


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