Confessions of a Cat Owner

I feel the need to share something. You have to promise not to judge me.

Here goes.

Caspian and I share a hairbrush.

Okay, I feel better having admitted it.

Caspian has always been the type that wants to participate in everything, be it folding laundry or making dinner, but his favorite thing to participate in is grooming. He’s a little OCD, you see. So he loves being brushed. He doesn’t especially love the cat brushes from the pet store, though. Oh, no. He likes my hairbrush. So I finally gave in to make the whole avoiding-hairballs-thing easier and now I just brush him with the brush I keep in the bathroom. I have another brush in the bedroom he doesn’t get to use.

Oh, and if you visit me, you probably shouldn’t borrow the brush from the bathroom. Unless you don’t mind sharing with Caspian.

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