Random Doctor Who Commentary, take 2

Okay, so last night I watched the first two episodes of this season again and think I may have a handle on the “Amy’s Baby” thing, or at least an inkling of where we might be going with it.

Spoilers! (Hidden in case you don’t really want to see them…)

First, things you need to know if you haven’t seen the episodes and want to follow what I’m talking about, at least a little.

  • The Doctor, River Song, Amy and Rory (who are now married) are summoned to 1969 in America for something to do with the moon landing. They are piecing things together as they go, too.
  • The travelers discover aliens who’ve been here forever called “The Silence” or “The Silents”– this difference seems to refer to the collective (“Silence”) and to a group of individuals (“Silents”) because a single alien is a Silent. The Silents are all over the world, influencing human history.
  • A Silent (or a group of Silents) can “edit” themselves out of your memory so that you have no idea you’ve seen them until you see them again; they can also control your actions through post-hypnotic suggestion, so that you do something but don’t remember that you were told to do it. (Even the Mythbusters tested this one!)
  • Amy has the first two known encounters with Silents: she sees one on a ridge in the desert and then sees one in a bathroom in the White House. The Silent in the White House tells Amy she “must tell the Doctor.”
  • The editing out of your brain that the Silents do can make you feel sick; both Amy and River experience sickness.
  • At one point, Amy tells the Doctor she’s pregnant (she and Rory have been married a few months by now), and later she tells the Doctor she was mistaken.
  • Each of the travelers is alone with Silents at one point or another in the episodes, as far as we can tell. They spend three months apart, counting Silents.
  • Amy is separated and abducted by a group of Silents. They tell her she will “Bring the Silence.” This phrase has been said a lot in seasons 5 and now 6.
  • When first separated, Amy walks down a hallway with a door; a window in the door opens, a woman (with an eyepatch) looks out and says “No, she’s dreaming,” and the window closes. When Amy reaches the door, there is no window; behind the door she finds a child’s room with photos, including one of her holding a baby. She then encounters the child from the photos and a few Silents and everything goes dark.
  • The next time we see Amy is five days after Apollo 11’s launch and right before the moon landing and Neil Armstrong’s step onto the surface.
  • The TARDIS gets conflicting information about whether or not Amy is pregnant.
  • Even though she’d have to be at least 4 months along, Amy isn’t showing any signs of pregnancy.
  • Later we see the little girl from the photos and the room showing Time Lord-like regeneration symptoms.

Most speculation I’ve found tends to run the lines of “Is the baby Amy’s with Rory?” and “How did Amy’s baby get Time Lord characteristics?” and “The baby must be River Song!” and “Maybe it’s not Amy’s but she holds the baby in the future!”

People are looking at this the wrong way. I don’t think we can assume that anything that happens in that child’s room with Amy is real. Here’s my interpretation: I do not think that the baby is Amy’s. I do think that the Silence/Silents want her to think she’s pregnant. She was alone with them and kept remembering and forgetting (the marks on her face and hands she makes when she sees them keep growing exponentially) so many times that we have no idea when she was actually abducted. Think about this: Amy is trapped in a room with them and cannot open a door to get out, but then the door suddenly opens, she shakes off the memory of the room, and starts down the hallway for the child’s room.

The mind is often described as a house with corridors and rooms. Amy’s first house as a child had a room she didn’t remember existed for years; we assumed at the time it was because of the monster inside, but what if it was because of the Silents in her house? In this very episode, Rory refers to memories he sometimes has as being through a door that he can keep closed. Doors opening and closing is a big theme in this story line.

If we go back and consider that Amy may already have been abducted and that the Silents are now influencing her thoughts, then the walk down the corridor and into the child’s room may all be in her head. The woman with the eyepatch that she thinks she hallucinates and then forgets may be the only real aspect of the whole thing. Amy is dreaming and the Silents are planting the idea (and the images) of her as the mother in her mind.

How do we know they want her to think she’s pregnant? Because the Silent in the bathroom back at the beginning of episode one tells her to “Tell the Doctor.” At the time we assume it’s another secret (about the Doctor’s future), but as Amy’s encounters with the Silence continue, she grows more agitated until she tells the Doctor… that she is pregnant. The power of post-hypnotic suggestion in this episode is demonstrated when Canton is told to straighten the Doctor’s bowtie and does so without remembering the instruction. Clearly the Silence want Amy (and the Doctor) to believe she is (or was) pregnant.

If this is true, then there may not be a baby at all. It could be completely fabricated. The little girl we see may very well be real, but may also be something else entirely, like a clone. Again, all of the travelers were alone with Silents at one time or another, so they could have gotten samples of any of them.

Another important note: Even though we see them in the future and the past, the Silents don’t seem to have a method for time travel. They had to influence humanity to go to the moon just to get a spacesuit made, so it doesn’t make sense that they know about the Doctor’s future, even if they have in part planned it. Maybe they plan his death in the future to try and keep him from going into the past to defeat them. At any rate, they had to wait it out until they found him again.

S0 there are my thoughts. I have other theories about things, but not with as much evidence as this. I hope it made sense.

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