Mochi to end the day

Bubbies sign

I had a really nice day today with a friend and her sister who is in town visiting; we went to the aquarium and to dinner and watched the sun set over Waikiki harbor, and then headed home… with a detour to visit Bubbies, which was listed today on a travel site I saw as one of the top 10 places in the country for ice cream.

Bubbies shop

Bubbies is famous for mochi ice cream balls, which are tiny bits of ice cream surrounded by a sweet rice confection. You eat them by hand and they are cold and wonderful.

mochi case

It looks like an old ice cream parlor and the names of their desserts are slightly ridiculous, but the mochi is $1 per piece so I was able to try three flavors; it also helps that the pieces are very small. My three flavors were green tea, mint chocolate, and strawberry. I don’t think I could even tell you which was my favorite.

Mochi ice cream

I like ice cream like this because it looks so beautiful and dainty and the colors are nice. You almost want to just sit and look at them… but then you remember how nice they taste and they don’t sit in the dish all that long. ^_^

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