Hungry Hippos are Hungry– 2012’s first week in Photos

1/5/12 hippo noses

I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took this week since I haven’t written much. The one at the top is of the hippos at the zoo. ^_^

And here is the rest of the first week of 2012 in photos. ^_^

1/1/12 pancake breakfastNew year’s day I made myself pancakes. ^_^

1/2/12 new shoes

On the 2nd, I got new shoes. Thank you, after-Christmas sales!

1/3/12 Tolkien's toast

As previously mentioned, the 3rd was J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday. ^_^ I went to the zoo that day, too.

1/4/12 Leena's new seat

This was Leena’s Christmas present and she loves sitting in it. She also likes watching TV from there… This was taken on the 4th.

1/4/12 Caspian looking trim

Also from the 4th, Caspian’s diet might actually be working..!

1/5/12 tiger nails

The hippos are from the 5th, but I also painted my nails very zoo-ish that day.

1/6/12 sushi dinner

That brings us to the 6th and last night’s sushi dinner.

1/7/12 Leena's sink habit

And this is from today, the 7th– Leena’s sink habit.

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