Strange Self-Portraits: Week 6 of 2012 in photos

This week I seemed to take a few random self-portraits that kind of capture what I was doing better than anything else. So here we go!

2/6/2012 highlights day

2/6 On Monday I got my hair done, and this was one of my retouching-highlights appointments so I had lots of foil on my head. I kept wondering if the aliens could still hear me through all of that aluminum…

2/7/2012 poached egg for breakfast

2/7 Tuesday I made myself a poached egg for breakfast using this particular egg poacher for the first time. ^_^

2/8/2012 watching the UNC-Dook game

2/8 The heartbreaking loss to Dook… but at least my nails looked fantastic!

2/9/2012 observing health exams

2/9 The baboons had their annual exams on Thursday, which I got to observe. Even if you’re just watching, you still get gloved and masked. I don’t like the masks much because they make my face hot.

2/10/2012 Valentine's roses

2/10 I got roses on Friday! They are an early Valentine’s gift. ^_^

2/11/2012 mani/pedi for homecoming and Valentine's

2/11 On Saturday, I went to get my nails done. I don’t often pay for them, but sometimes it’s a nice treat.

2/12/2012 feeding giraffes

2/12/2012 Today (Sunday) I took some people on a behind-the-scenes tour to feed the giraffes at the zoo.

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