Movie disappointment turns out to be fun anyway

Tonight I had passes to the premier of Chimpanzee, the new Disneynature movie for Earth Day. Well, I got there with my friend and we discovered that a bunch of “Disney people” (I’m assuming the ones from Aulani) had all “RSVPd” (which wasn’t an option even offered to us) and the theater was full.


But we were there already and wanted to see a movie so we went to see Mirror Mirror. I’d seen it once before but I still enjoyed it. And since I can’t remember if I wrote about it before or not, I’ll tell you what I liked about it.

The movie reminds me very much of a stage show, in that there are only about 5 sets and minimal costume changes, and in how they actually blocked and filmed everything. I think that was done on purpose. The costumes are beautiful and the special effects are minimal and it has a lovely Bollywood feel to it that’s capped off on the end with a Bollywood-style dance number.

So even though I’d seen it already, I enjoyed it. And I think I’ll download the song. ^_^

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