Important Life Lesson: Use Caution with Dehydrated Foods

Thing I learned tonight:

No matter how tempting it may seem, it is NOT, in fact, a good idea to try and eat a spoonful of dehydrated* potato flakes. Even if you just want to see what they taste like. Even if it’s not an entire spoonful. They stick to the roof of your mouth. For a really long time. And then you have to drink lots of water and they get stickier and more like paper mache until you can finally swallow them.

This is all, ahem, theoretical, mind you.

And when I shared my, uhm, DISCOVERY with J, he so helpfully asked, “What, you had to learn your lesson about dehydrated foods AGAIN?”

I have no response for that. Mostly because I have previously gotten sick off of dehydrated apples (did you know they put SEVEN apples in a bag? And that they’re super easy to eat, like potato chips, until they rehydrate in your stomach and then you have SEVEN whole apples inside of you? Just a TINY bit uncomfortable…). Twice.


*Look, sometimes I just don’t feel like boiling and mashing potatoes. This is easier. Plus you can use them when you’re out of bread crumbs and you want to fry something. Seriously.

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