A Kind of Nostalgia

I know it’s a little early still, but today I found myself feeling nostalgic for a place I haven’t left quite yet and finding that small, insignificant things are making me a little sad. Breakfast, for some reason, brought back a flood of memories from the first two weeks that we lived here, having breakfast in the hotel and discovering things like guava jelly (which is amazing) and coconut syrup (which is too sweet for me) and fresh pineapple every morning. I remember being fascinated by the plumeria trees that were all in full bloom when we arrived and how frustrating it was that every time I tried to go to the pool, it rained.

I also remember how (this part of) Hawaii wasn’t anything like I imagined, with its awful traffic, dense population, and constant noise. Of course I’ve found lots of other parts of Hawaii since then that are much quieter, prettier, natural. Of the islands we’ve visited, the Big Island is still my favorite. I like that a huge part of it looks the same (except for the few roads) as it has for years, and there’s something amazing about walking on a volcano.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more early-stage-nostalgia for you in the next month, but there’s also a lot to look forward to in California. It’s time to discover new things again.

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