Horror hotel update

So, I decided I wanted some photos for my last blog post (which you can see here). It wasn’t all that far out of the way from dinner tonight, so E and I stopped by, thinking we could just pull into the parking lot again, like last night.

I slowed down to make the turn… And she rolled down her window for me to lean out with the camera– there was NO WAY we were getting out there– and as I tried to focus the shot, she suddenly yelled:


There was a guy walking down the sidewalk in front of the rows of empty rooms…

I accelerated back onto the main road, E repeating over no over for me to not go back… But I HAD to go back, it was on the way back to our real hotel! I turned around in a parking lot further down, and as we reached the corner again, E noticed a cop on the other corner…

But the man wasn’t there anymore, so I quickly pulled into the parking lot and got my photos.

The post now has photos. And probably some hotel night manager thinks there are weirdos taking photos of him at night. Ha.

My defense, in a case we were asked, was that is IS labeled “historic” and we are, ahem, TOURISTS, so what’s the big deal?


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