I finally met Princess Tiana

As I mentioned previously, last week my sister was here helping me get settled into the new place in San Diego. We did take some day trips, though, and one of our stops was at Disneyland. We’d just gone to Disney World in Florida back in November, so it was kind of cool to see Disneyland and compare the two.

I’ve now been to Disney Parks three times in the last four months, and each time I’ve gone to the Princess character spot to try and meet Princess Tiana. Tiana is just cool, plus who wouldn’t want to meet the only southern princess? She’s even got a magnolia bloom on her dress. ^_^

with Princess Tiana

So there we are. Oh, and Tiana is also the first person in a while (and maybe ever, when it’s been just the two of us) to recognize that E and I are sisters. Of course, last week someone mistook E for my daughter, but we won’t mention any more of that. Tiana said our eyes looked alike. ^_^

At any rate, here are the rest of the photos from E’s visit, including the other Disney photos and some from our trip to the zoo.

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