Catching up on February, plus WHALE BABY.

I’m currently uploading a ton of photos, first to an album of random things from February that I never got around to uploading. The last month has been hectic, between finishing the unpacking process, J coming home from deployment, and then heading out to explore southern California (and Arizona!) together.

J’s mom visited in mid-February and we had a great time enjoying the warm weather, doing some window shopping, etc. On the Friday she was here, we went to Sea World and there was a sign posted that the Shamu show wasn’t happening that day. Being curious, we wandered over to Shamu Stadium… and discovered a staff member explaining that they’d had to close to stadium due to the BABY WHALE. I asked how old it was.

She checked her watch.

Thirty-three hours old. And born on Valentine’s Day. ^_^

baby orca 3

So I snapped a couple of photos and here you go. Baby orcas have to keep swimming for the first several weeks of their lives, so mom and baby were in the pool doing laps. The babies have to breathe very frequently, though, so it kept coming up to the surface.

baby orca 1

More photos and other things are in the album, and look for more blog posts with explanations later this week. ^_^

baby orca 2

One more baby whale photo for good measure. ^_^

baby orca 4

(I still have mixed feelings about SeaWorld…. but a baby whale is a baby whale, y’know?)

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