Painted Rock Petroglyphs

This will be a short post.

Arizona painted rock petroglyphs, single

On the way back from Casa Grande we made a short detour to a places called Painted Rock Petroglyphs, in the Painted Rock mountains.

Arizona painted rock petroglyphs

The glyphs are from a wide age range, some ancient, some from a few hundred years ago and some from the 19th century. They are on a rock outcropping that makes a prominent landmark in the surrounding valley.

Arizona painted rock petroglyphs, lizard

We also saw our only desert wildlife here that wasn’t a bird: a lizard.

I haven’t figured out what he is yet. Ideas? ((UPDATE: It’s a chuckwalla!))

Also, as this is the last post about the road trip, here are all of the photos from that. ^_^

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