Just another day at Disneyland (Oh, and new Fantasy Faire stuff, too!)

Disneyland castle in spring

A couple of weeks ago, Disneyland opened a new section of Fantasyland called Fantasy Faire. It’s basically a small annex beside Aurora’s Castle, but it adds an outdoor stage where they do short live-action plays about five times a day, and a Royal Hall where you get to meet princesses.

Disneyland Figaro

We didn’t have a particular plan to go, just sort of decided last minute (and hey, it’s only about an hour and a half away, so why not?), so last Tuesday we drove up and spent the day.

Disneyland azaleas

The flowers are blooming everywhere because it’s spring (even in the desert there are flowers, but I’ll get photos of that later this week), and Disneyland looked colorful and happy. Plus it was still the week before spring break, so no lines!

Disneyland Fantasy Faire

Of course we had to check out the new section, and the princess line was surprisingly short, so we waited (because I wanted to see the inside of the new Royal Hall).

Disneyland Royal Hall

The thing about Disneyland is that they have found a way to so immerse you in the experience that it really is like being in another place. And there are things to do no matter what age you are. The Royal Hall was really cool, though, very well done, and had a little winding corridor with three princesses waiting to meet us.

Disneyland Cinderella


I don’t think I’ve met Cinderella before, or at least not in a while. So that was fun. ^_^

Disneyland egg hunt

Another thing they’ve been doing is “Limited Time Magic,” where they have a very short-term (two weeks or less, usually) feature in the park. We happened to be there for the Easter Egg Hunt, and of course I had to find them all. We found the eggs around California Adventure Park, and marked them with the corresponding sticker from a sticker sheet onto a map we got at the front. At the end I “won” a keychain. Little, but still fun, and gave us a reason to thoroughly lap the park and explore corners we usually wouldn’t.

Disneyland teacups

So yeah, it was a good day, and we stayed until the park closed. The nice thing about having been a few times recently was that we could pick and choose… though we always save time for Star Tours. ^_^

Disneyland Star Tour

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