Easter Weekend in Balboa Park

Easter Balboa Park J and J

Easter weekend was beautiful in San Diego. J and I didn’t “do” anything in particular this year, but we did spend some time walking through the Balboa Park, including the rose garden, which is in full bloom this time of year.

Easter Balboa Park pink rose

I found a new feature on my little point and shoot that will make a photo black and white except for a single color, so we played with that. Highly entertaining.

Easter Balboa Park butterfly

We also saw some caterpillars and the first few butterflies of the year, hatching out of their chrysalises and stretching their new wings in the warm sunshine. Appropriate for Easter, I thought.

Easter Balboa Park yellow rose

If you like this sort of thing, I have a whole album of the flower photos (plus a couple of J and me and caterpillars and whatnot).

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