Another evening in Old Town, San Diego

Old Town tin stars

Since I was running low on tea, J and I headed to the coffee and tea shop in Old Town this afternoon. I found some other random things while we were there, including a small tin shop with these gorgeous tin stars. They remind me of Moravian stars from back home in North Carolina, and I love that they light up with different colors of glass. I might have to get one in time for Christmas this year.

Old Town pickled beets

Another random find in a little shop: pickled beets. I didn’t think this was even a real thing, and had only heard of it because of (I’m not kidding) a Care Bears movie I watched all the time as a kid. Seriously. You’ll find it around the 38 second mark.

Old town churros

And since we were already there, and since we had a coupon for free churros, we ate dinner in Old Town, too. I have to say, these were the best churros I’ve had since Ensenada, and filled with vanilla cream. In fact, these are the only churros I’ve had with filling the whole time I’ve been in California, so kudos to this restaurant for having the real deal. Mmmm churros…. Oh, and that’s a chocolate sauce for dipping. I liked them better plain, but the chocolate was pretty good.

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