Flying to Palawan, days 2 and 3 recap

Well, we made it to Palawan. We actually arrived on Saturday and it is now technically Monday morning, but our time has been packed and Internet is slow.


The flight from Manila to Palawan was delayed a little, so we got to fly over the Philippine Sea at sunset. The view was breathtaking, looking out over the glass-like ocean and the steep mountain islands.


We landed, tired but excited, on a strip of runway in the center of the island. A group from Life Church met us at the airport and we headed off to dinner before the hotel and bedtime.


We eat all of our meals at long tables together, and it’s been really fun to meet so many new people who are excited we’re here, plus all of our old friends.


Sunday morning meant heading to church with Life Church. They have grown to over 3,000 members and seven services, so are moving to one mass service in the City Coliseum. The service is much more like a youth conference rock concert, with people jumping and dancing (even in coordinated dance moves!) than services in the US.


We had another amazing lunch, community/family style. My favorites so far are the sisig and sweet and sour fish.


After lunch we took a tour of Puerta Princesa, and wound up at a nature preserve and crocodile farm. They breed the local endangered crocodiles and have a lot of other native species, too, including sea eagles and binturongs, which I have always wanted to see in their native home. Oh and I got to hold a baby crocodile! 😀

Today we’re heading out to work with a Compassion project. It’ll be interesting to see what the day brings.

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