Philippines, Day 8: the Underground River and Farewell Dinner


So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Philippines and a lot has happened since then, but I still want to do the last couple of entries about the trip. This one is from Friday, June 6, and is from our trip to the Underground River, one of the Natural Wonders of the World. Our tour was early in the morning and the light coming over the islands was beautiful.


We took another outrigger boat from the dock around to a side of the island not easily accessible by foot. It was a short ride, but we passed some really cool rock formations before arriving at the landing beach.


Once there, we got checked in and saw some of the native wildlife…


We boarded canoes to take us into the river, which is inside a long cave full of bats and swallows. The only light came from the spotlights we carried on the boats. Because of that, I don’t have very many photos. Plus it was just about the same as last time.

I did get to see more monitor lizards, though! They were even bigger than I remembered, and I made a point of getting better photos. ^_^


It was fun for the group, especially after a long week.


We got back on the outriggers, and returned us to the dock where we started, which also had a lot of shops and a restaurant, where we ate lunch in a treehouse. It was huge, and had enough tables for all of us, and the food was really good.

We hung out at the beach for a little while after lunch, with some people playing in the water and some of us walking the length of the sand. I also got to take a nap in the shade, which was SO nice. I was pretty worn out by that point.

That night we had our farewell dinner, hosted at the pastor’s house. It was pouring rain (hello, beginning of monsoon season!) and the power was out, so we squeezed into the main room in the dark, with plenty of candles to light the meal. We were even treated to some traditional Filipino dancing! Then, as we were starting our “formal” goodbyes (where we give each other little gifts and such, before the huge group hugs and crying later) the lights came back on. Yay!


Here’s the whole group, except for me (since I’m taking the photo). ^_^ Our hosts had made the party “Hawaii” themed and even gave us leis! ^_^ Mine is now hanging by my front door.

We still had one more planned morning in the Philippines before heading back to Hawaii on Saturday night… but I’ll save that for the next entry because it entails an ADVENTURE.

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