The Del Mar Fair and a baseball game: stuff I did in June

June was such a ridiculously busy month that I didn’t get much time to actually post things. This still isn’t a real post, but it’s got some photos from a couple of things I did in June.

Colbie Caillat concert, SD fair

Mid-June through early July is the Del Mar fair, also known as the San Diego County Fair. It’s huge, much like the NC State Fair I grew up visiting, and includes nightly free concerts. I got to see Colbie Caillat, and it was so much fun. ^_^ I also found a stand with fried cheese curds, which are from the upper midwest and if you ever come across them I HIGHLY recommend trying them. They sound weird, but they taste pretty amazing.

Padres game, stadium view

Around the same time, I also wound up with a free ticket (with friends) to go to a Padres baseball game. We had a fantastic view (as you can see) and spent most of nine innings watching the Cards barely playing better than the Padres… until the bottom of the 9th when it was like they all suddenly realized they were supposed to be playing baseball and the Padres came back to tie the game, winning in the 10th.

Padres game, pitcher

It was a very exciting last thirty minutes. Ha. But it was fun to be at a Major League park and to have Cracker Jacks and get up and sing at the seventh inning stretch. I haven’t done that in years, and I hope I get to go to another game this season, even if the Padres aren’t doing all that well. In fact, that might make it easier to score tickets… ~_^

At the Padres game

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