Tuesday Zoosday: more from Saturday at the Safari Park

Safari Park, scenic view

As I mentioned in my post from Saturday, I went to the Safari Park with friends that day, and I’ve got a few random photos to share. Mostly I noticed that they moved the zebra herd into a new (much easier to see) exhibit, and that the baby animals I saw last time I visited have all grown a lot.

SD Zoo Safari Park, gorilla plays

I visited the gorilla exhibit for maybe the third time ever, and saw one of the young ones having a wonderful time with some grass pieces. There was much rolling and grass pulling and happiness.

SD Zoo Safari Park, mother bat

Though this isn’t the most wonderful photo (as I didn’t have my good camera with me), this is a mom-bat and her kit. Right after this, she flipped up to hold the food dish above her with her front claw to create a little cradle for the kit, and proceeded to groom it all over. Pretty much adorable. Bats are so interesting, and make up about 25% of all known mammal species. It’s really amazing to think about the sheer number of them out there.

SD Zoo Safari Park. lions

I really liked this view of the lion exhibit. Usually the lions are much too close to the glass for good photos. Weird complaint, I know, but it’s much easier to photograph them at a distance. I like how the mountains are in the background.

SD Zoo Safari Park, northern white rhino

This is a pretty good photo of one of the zoo’s two northern white rhinos. There are only a handful left in the world, and the species is on the brink of extinction. It’s strange to think these animals won’t exist except as preserved specimens in another generation.

SD Zoo Safari Park, baby elephant

And last but not least, I leave you with a photo of one of the Park’s baby elephants. Just too cute, and growing all the time. ^_^

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