Throwback Thursday: a slice of life in 1985

baby photos, living room

This week’s photo isn’t the best in terms of composition (you can’t even see my face), but I love that it gives you a glimpse into my two-year-old life, and triggered a lot of fun memories for me.

I remember that carpet, and that the house got flooded and it had to be dried with giant fans that made it bubble up in the middle and I liked to play by hopping from bubble to bubble until my mom made me stop because I was hindering the drying. Eventually we had to get new carpet, though.

The fireplace usually had pillows against it so I wouldn’t bang my head on it, and as I got older I’d sit in front of the fire in the winter to let my (ridiculously long) hair dry. I still like to sit with my back to a fire and smell the wood smoke and listen to the crackling while my back gets warm and my front gets cold.

The yellow, red and blue thing was a lawnmower type toy that you pushed and the wheel spun and played music. I didn’t use it that way, though. It was totally a sledge hammer.

The blocks were fun for years, and I’d always stack them as high as I could until it wouldn’t stay balanced any more and I made my mom take SO MANY pictures of them. There are blocks photos everywhere.

My folks still have that TV stand. Or maybe it’s moved to my sister’s place. Either way, it’s still in the family. I used to curl inside of it (yeah, I was tiny once) and shove silly putty into the little holes where the shelves were supposed to fit. Sorry, mom.

I remember that TV, too! I don’t think it was color, or if it was, the picture was super faded, but I remember the knob on it and changing from channel two to channel four, and that I watched Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street on it, which aired back to back. I’d sit RIGHT IN FRONT of the TV. I also remember watching football with my dad on that TV and the players were SO SMALL. It was very exciting when the next TV had a remote and was a little bigger and had bright color pictures.

I think my mom still has some of those dolls. And if you look closely, there’s a blue bucket on the shelf that contained small wooden animal toys. I always liked how smooth they were, and I’d rub them between my fingers to feel them.

In the upper left corner you’ll see railing– that’s the kitchen, and the open slats looked across the floor. I used to sit up there and drop string over the side and pretend I was fishing, or put on puppet shows.

The teal green square-shaped thing is actually an A-frame dollhouse. And the blue and yellow thing behind my “sledge hammer” is a flat bed truck that I used in the sandbox.

I’m sure if I keep looking I’ll notice more, but that’s enough for now. ^_^

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