Sweaters are causing me SERIOUS PROBLEMS.

Someone needs to invent a better way to store sweaters than “stacking” them.

First of all, how are you supposed to fold a sweater anyway? They’re bulky and they slide around and it’s hard to know what to do with anything that isn’t a regular scoop neck and you can FORGET about folding a cowl-neck into any decent shape.

Then what do you DO with them, once they’re “folded” into some semblance of a rectangle? I’ve tried stacking them on a shelf. This DOES NOT WORK. Sure, they’ll sit there well enough for a while, but when you go to take one of them out of the stack EVERY OTHER SWEATER falls onto the floor. Even the sweaters in other stacks fall onto the floor. It’s like they all suddenly get all melodramatic: “You mean  you aren’t choosing ME today? The HORROR!” and then they faint.

You cannot hang sweaters in the closet, either, because the shoulders get those pokey corners sticking out of them and this is NOT 1986 and none of us is Madonna (except Madonna herself, who I am 99.999% certain does NOT read my blog), so POINTY SHOULDER SPIKES are NOT OKAY.

There needs to be a way of storing sweaters that doesn’t take up TOO much room, and where you can gently remove ONE of them to wear it without upsetting all of the others. Possibly they each need their own condo. It makes perfect sense! Condos come in nice groupings with individual spaces for things, and they are usually arranged in a relatively compact way. SWEATER CONDOS should DEFINITELY be a thing.

Do you hear me, internet? Get on that.

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