New House Walk-Through

We did an unofficial walk-through of the house on Friday so that I could take some photos and make notes of anything that needs fixing or that is not in “perfect” condition so I won’t get blamed for it later. We have an official walk-through with an inspector on Monday (tomorrow!), but as we’re also having the alarm company come, taking delivery of our express shipment and our loaner furniture, moving in the cats and getting Jared ready to go back to work (on Tuesday), I thought it might make things a little easier for everyone involved if I already had a list of things ready to go. Of course, there’s nothing major wrong– just a couple of loose drawers in the kitchen, a scratch on the flooring, things like that– but it helps to tell them in advance. Anyway, I’m going to post a bunch of photos on the photo blog (see the top of the page for links), but thought I’d give you a couple of them here with captions so you know what you’re seeing. ^_^

This is the entryway. I’m standing in the den to take the photo, but it gives  you an idea of how high the ceilings are and of where you’re starting for your “walk-through.” I might make a little video walk-through tomorrow as well before things get too crazy.


When you walk in the door, you’re facing the staircase.

Bottom of stairs

If you go to the left from the stairs (and not up them), you’ll immediately find the downstairs half-bath.


Across from the bathroom is the laundry room. Yes, it’s an actual room, not the closet we’ve usually had! ^_^ Plus storage and a deep sink.


If you turn instead to the right of the stairs, you can see into the kitchen. The den is to the immediate right.

Looking toward the kitchen

And here’s the den, seen from the entryway. That’s one of two sets of doors that lead to the back porch and our little yard. ^_^


If you walk into the kitchen, this is what you’ll see. The only thing we don’t have is a microwave, though I was told we were supposed to have one, so I’ll have to ask about that. We do have a breakfast bar, though.This is the view if you walked straight through the kitchen to the entryway to the “dining room.”


We’re going to use our “dining room” as an office area, but are thinking about putting a little kitchen table in there as well.

Dining room/office

The “dining room” also opens back into the den.


Okay, so now we’re going to go upstairs. The stairs turn at the middle with a landing, and there are some great little shelves on the way up that I’m going to use for houseplants. ^_^


This is the guest bedroom. It’s hard to give you a good view of these because there’s not another room to stand in for a wide shot… Sorry. It is decent size and has a nice closet in it.

Guest room

This is looking down the hall from the guest room toward the master. You can see a bit of the closet here.


The hallway actually overlooks the den. I think that’s my favorite part. ^_^

Looking down

Upstairs is also the full bath and a rather large storage closet. I won’t post photos of them because they’re worse than the bedroom photos, but maybe if I do a video..?

Anyway, this is looking into the master bedroom. We’ve got a step-in (as opposed to walk-in) closet, with lots of shelves and things, which is good because we’re used to having huge separate closets… Will have to see how things go, heh heh.

Master bedroom


So there’s your little walk-through. We’re excited about the place, and are hoping our furniture will all fit. The only thing I think won’t work is the big red couch… so it’ll probably move to the garage for a while and then get sent to a new home. Now I’ve got to sign off and pack because we move in tomorrow! ^_^ Furniture comes in about 3 weeks, so we have loaner furniture coming in the morning, too. Fun stuff!

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