Stayin’ Alive

I feel that I should post something, but as I also feel I don’t have much that’s interesting to say, I haven’t posted anything.

The past two weeks?

Oh. That.

Well…. We need new tires, Caspian has a possible systemic (i.e. his whole little kitty body) infection, the next door neighbors had their baby girl (who has a set of lungs, lemme tell ya) aaaaand J’s duty section changed, wreaking havoc with our weekend plans for the next month.

And, oh yeah, one of my best friends came to visit with one of her friends, so I had a wonderful week doing touristy things and hanging out and it was so nice that I’m still sad they had to go home. (Um… K? When are you coming back? ^_^)

As an aside, sometimes I feel like part of the Men in Black since I have to refer to my friends and relations by first letter. Hmm. Maybe I should give everyone code names? Then again, that might be too much trouble for me to remember. I’d forget who got which name and call someone the wrong thing and then be confused about who did what and… I’ll stick with the letters.

Anyway, we had guests for the week surrounding Easter and even though J had to work for all but the weekend, we had a lot of fun just going sightseeing and doing a few local things: we went whale watching, snorkeling and hiked to a waterfall; I took them to the North Shore for lunch and went to the Dole Plantation; we toured Iolani Palace, ate down in Waikiki and went to the beach. All in all, we had a good time, despite the sporadic rain we’ve had lately. There are photos online if you haven’t seen them yet. I might add a few that I borrowed from my guests, though.

That’s really about it.

Caspian, in case you’re worried, will probably be fine. He’s just got a couple of little symptoms and I’m asking around today and tomorrow for a referral to a good cat vet. The vet we’ve been using on base can’t help me with anything but basic vaccinations, but as I haven’t needed anything else until now, I don’t have a regular vet yet. It makes me thoroughly appreciate the clinic we had before we came here. They were amazing. Good vets are hard to find.

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