The Tail-end of Whale Season

While my company was here visiting, we were out at the beach whale watching and noticed a whale breaching repeatedly. This happens sometimes, and if you sit there long enough there’s a decent chance you’ll see a breach. What we didn’t expect was this:

The colloquial name for this is a “heat run,” though it doesn’t really describe what’s happening. What you’re seeing is a group of male humpback whales competing for a female. I know it’s not a great photos, but check out this article and video from Discovery about it. That video takes place near Tonga, which is another of the Polynesian islands, but we get all the north Pacific humpbacks here and they do, too. If I hadn’t just watched the episode on Discovery, I doubt I’d have recognized what I was seeing… but it was very exciting. So much so that it gets its own post. ^_^

To give you an idea of distance, this is roughly what a naked-eye view from the shore is like of the whales.

I only had my little point and shoot camera with me, so I did my best to capture it… but I’m getting to the point where I think I should start saving for a better camera. You think? ~_^ So, if anyone wants to contribute…. Heheh.

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