Seattle Tales

Space Needle

J is in Seattle right now, and while his photos tell his story a lot better, I’d like to tell one for him.

Last night was “Navy Night” at the Seattle Mariners game. The team invited a bunch of Sailors to attend in dress whites and get dinner, go to practice before the game, and sit in really good seats along the first base line. I encouraged J to go and to take a friend, so he and another guy got tickets and went to the stadium last night.

When I knew he’d been there for a bit, I messaged him to ask him how it was going.

“Great!” he replied. “I’m having a once in a lifetime experience!”

I thought to myself, Hm, I know he’s been to a Twins game, so it can’t be the baseball part that’s unique… Weird!”

I asked, “Oh? What’s happening?”

“Well, I got hit with a line drive.”

“You got what?”

“Hit with a line drive. In my shoulder. The staff has been very nice. I got Motrin and an ice pack and the player signed a ball for me….”

He was excited about this. Very excited. Telling me all about it excited.


He’s also now been to the Starbucks (the first one) and to a few other places in Seattle  that he wanted to go, but wants to go back when I can be there, too. It sounds good to me.

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