Why I love manatees


Who has noticed my little button over on the right that says “I love manatees” yet? Anyone?

I do love manatees. I saw my first manatees (that I remember) when I was nine and we moved to Florida. They look like big gray pillows with tails just floating beneath the surface of the green water, sometimes rolling to swim on their backs, but mostly just drifting along, eating. Supposedly they were the source of the mermaid myths, but I’m not seeing that.

No, what I love about them is that even though they are large they are so gentle. They have sweet faces. And a lot of people don’t pay attention to them. It’s a shame because it means they may not be around for much longer.

Manatee swimming

For several years now I’ve asked for a manatee adoption in my name for Christmas, my birthday, etc, but I don’t think anyone has ever taken me seriously about it. I’ve never gotten one, anyway. I think this year I’ll just have to get one for myself. ^_^

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