“Lost” Locations are Lost on Me

North Shore

This weekend I went up to the North Shore for a couple of days for a retreat. The retreat was good, and I wish I’d taken my camera for some photos of our late-night bonfires with s’mores, but I noticed something as I heard people talking.

The retreat was at Camp Erdman, a YMCA camp that got a huge renovation a few years ago because it became a filming location for a certain TV show filmed here in Hawaii.

Yes, I’m talking about Lost. I’ve never seen a single episode of the show, and probably won’t watch it unless someone I know owns it and lends it to me (and even then, I’m not so sure). But when I asked where exactly we were going, the answer was always this: “It’s the North Shore. Y’know, the location of Otherton.” But no, I didn’t know where that was.


And today I had to go look it up online to see for myself. The gazebo is in front of the cabins we used. And the beach there is really beautiful. I can see why they chose it for a filming location, too, as it’s near the end of the road up there and easy to isolate and the beach looks pristine on either side.

So that’s it. I went to another Lost location and the experience was, well, lost on me. Hawaii Five-Oh should be easier for me as they film in places I know, like in my friend’s back alley and on the interstate I use to get across the island. Living in a popular film location is weird to me.

**Photos uploading soon on the photo blog.

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