Praying Mantis with a Death Wish

Today I had one of those moments where I am sure (and I mean, really REALLY sure) that I looked like an idiot.

How do I know this? Because there were lots of witnesses and the thing I was giving my full attention was very small.

Let me explain: Walking into the store tonight to buy cat food, I happened to look down as I almost stepped on a four inch, bright green praying mantis sitting right in the middle of the asphalt. Yikes!

I was holding a piece of paper, so I tried to scoop him up onto the paper. He lunged at my hand. I jumped, startled. Then he fluttered over the paper, about a pace ahead of me and still on the pavement.

Repeat process.

I did this about three times. Can you imagine? I’m winding down the center of the parking lot aisle, bent double, repeatedly scooping a piece of paper onto the ground and back again, and no one can see what I’m chasing.

Wow, I feel smart.

The best part? He finally flew enough to land on the back wheel of a Jeep in the parking lot. There was someone in the Jeep, so (since I was still chasing the stupid thing) I walked up to her and tried to explain what I was doing…. but by then I’d noticed I looked like an idiot so it came out something akin to “I PROMISE I’M NOT MESSING WITH YOUR JEEP, I’M JUST TRYING TO GET THE PRAYING MANTIS!”


You should’ve seen the look she gave me.

Thankfully, my senses (and awareness of the public) kicked in at that point and I hurried into the store. I assume the mantis flew away.

Or took a Jeep ride to the beach.

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