Double Feature Date Night

Sometimes when J and I have several movies that we want to see, we have what we call a Double Feature Date Night: we get to the theater and check out movie times, then pick the movie we want to see first. When the first movie’s over, we walk out of the theater, buy tickets to the next showing of the other movie, then have something for dinner. My favorite “dinner” is when we’ve only got about 30 minutes between shows so we walk across the street for frozen yogurt. Sometimes we have a couple of hours and then we get regular food.

This weekend the movie goodness was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) and Megamind. Harry Potter was on the giant TXC screen (similar to IMAX but with assigned, cushy seats and surround sound and all sorts of fun perks, including very limited commercials), and we saw Megamind in 3D. I like cartoons better than live action in 3D, and enjoyed Harry Potter in its 2D glory.

I won’t spoil anything of the movie (though if you’ve read the book, there’s nothing really to spoil), but I will say that I liked the few tweaks they made to the story, which was mostly the change the order of certain events so they’d flow better visually. Some things work better in prose than on the big screen, after all. I will also say that I did not finish reading the books (finally gave up because of the busy week I had last week), but I’m still plugging away and will finish them this week. THEN we’ll go to see the movie again, and after THAT I will go back to doing my commentary, though maybe after a little break to read something else. Maybe.

Megamind was surprisingly good. It had looked cute from the previews, and I liked how it basically took the Superman stereotype and turned it inside-out to create a new story. While some of it was predictable, some of it surprised me and it was fun to watch all around. So yeah. Rent-able if you don’t feel like seeing it in a theater.

Thanksgiving is this week (yay!) and then I am allowed to put up the Christmas tree (YAY!) and then I will start with the Christmas shopping and shipping (ya–oh wait, that part’s tedious) and then we have company coming for the holidays so the next month and a half are going to be very BUSY. If you don’t see many updates, that’s why.

If I don’t post before then, Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^

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