Cat Drama

My h0use is full of cat drama today and not a cheezburger in sight.

Not only did we find a Santa hat to put on Caspian and Leena, but we’ve had an interloper!

After a trip to our vet, we’ve determined that he doesn’t have a microchip so I don’t know who the owner is, but he’s definitely a pet. He’s friendly and jumps in your lap if you sit outside and rubs against anyone and is very vocal. Oh, and he went right into the kennel when we put it out there.

The problem is I don’t want to send him anywhere that might destroy him, and I’m afraid to give him to someone else as a pet because the last time I gave away a spare kitty he was abused at the new house and we got him back in bad shape.. and then he had kidney failure due to the stress. So I’m worried about this little guy.

My goal for the next two weeks? Find a good kitty home. Know anyone who’s looking?

And to end with a funny: Angry Santa!

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