More about monkeys

Today I got to observe the annual health exams of the zoo’s seven spider monkeys. It was pretty interesting. They all lost (on average) 25% of their body weight, which is good because they were on a new diet (their former diet had made them all gain a lot of weight).

I also took my camera today with the intent of walking around the zoo and taking photos afterwards, especially because today was gorgeous, but then I didn’t. I just felt like going home at lunch, I guess. Maybe I’ll take photos when I’m there for Earth Day. That’s probably a good day to take zoo photos.

I will also be going to see Disney’s new nature documentary, African Cats, which opens on Earth Day.

So that’s the plan. I should get some good photos. I haven’t been taking my camera to the zoo lately because I don’t want it to get wet or dirty when I’m cleaning things.

And now I’m out of things to say so I’m going to hit the publish button. This is why I shouldn’t blog every day. Seriously.

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