Friday night zombies

So the “Meet an animal” will have to wait one more day because it’s late and I haven’t had time to write it today…. so instead I’ll tell you about the night game we play on Fridays.

It’s pretty much a zombie apocalypse scenario game where there is a zombie (or a pair of zombies, as the case may be) hiding in the building and you have to go find them. The rest of the (usually large) group fans out and searches the building. When the zombie is discovered, he jumps out and yells the code word and then tries to tag as many people (and thereby “infect” them to turn them into zombies) before they get back to home base. For the next round everyone who’s a zombie goes and hides (all together in a group) and waits for the other people to find them. It keeps going until no one’s left to go looking.

So that’s the game. Simple enough, and sort of a sardines/capture the flag/scare people game blend. We play with as many lights off as are allowed (some are security lights and so always on) and there tends to be a lot of running and screaming. It’s fun. I’m bad about getting caught, though, usually because I think I’m never really scared when I find the people hiding, so I don’t have the running reflex. Maybe I should work on that. I have a feeling that in a real zombie apocalypse I would not have very good survival skills.

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