Thoughts on aliens and other conspiracies

I read a blog post today that someone sent me.  I will link it for you, but if you click on it, be aware that I haven’t read the rest of the blog and I can’t say anything about the content. The post is about Roswell 1947.

Government conspiracy theories entertain me to no end, and I think that it’s partly because I can see the government really covering up some things, even if those things aren’t what people think, and then never feeling the need to “set the record straight” and come off looking stupid for covering up something embarrassing or untrue. I mean, why admit you spent millions of dollars covering up Roswell for it to turn out to not even be alien? Just as an example.

I also think it’s interesting that in the case of Roswell there have been government officials who’ve said strange things. If you look at people who claim that things like 9/11 and such were government-planned, you have to ask why no one, in ten years, has blabbed about their role in it. Someone somewhere would have had a couple of beers and told the whole story at some point. Look at the Roswell example in comparison: people have said over and over that they were part of the cover-up or were made to be part of it, so I think it’s much more likely that something weird did  happen out there. It’s also possible that a piece of military equipment from another country crashed and the US kept pieces of it to learn to fight back and didn’t (and doesn’t) want that other country to know about it.

Anyway, those are my brief thoughts on the alien conspiracy. Take it as you will.

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