…worth 1000 words

About a month ago a bunch of the spouses from the ship got together and made posters that I mailed to the ship to hang in the messdecks. We plan on making this a monthly thing, which is a good way for us to stay connected. Anyway, I got this photo  in return:

J with poster

It made me so happy to get a photo and to see J smiling, but a couple of things stand out.

The deployment ‘stache. Every time the ship leaves, he grows one. He’d grow a full beard if the Navy would let him, but all they allow is a mustache, so there it is. Beyond what the Navy lets him do, that’s one thing that’s not allowed to come home. It stays with the ship.

The giant bowl of chocolate ice cream. Clearly they had a social that day. He claims he’s been eating healthy… heh heh. It’s okay, a little ice cream now and again never hurt anyone.

The Camelbak he’s wearing. I’m so glad to know he’s keeping hydrated. Random, but it really does make me worry less.

Also I’m pretty sure he’s lost weight, but that’s normal for deployments, too.

So anyway, nothing too profound tonight but I did want to share this photo. ^_^

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