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Fun Zoo News

So, I was skimming my online news sources, there was a link to the Telegraph.. and I happened across this photo:

Cute, huh? Well, I also happened to notice that the barn looks awfully familiar, as does the keeper… and then I realized it was the new giraffe baby at the Virginia Zoo. ^_^

This is actually the most accurate way to weigh a large baby– it’s not like you can explain to them how to step onto a tiny scale, and a big scale might be scary, so just holding them and subtracting your own weight works quite well.

Anyway, it was one of the photos of the day yesterday and I was entertained that, thanks to the internet, people in the UK get to appreciate the cuteness of Virginia Zoo’s new baby giraffe, and that I get to see it as well.

2 thoughts on “Fun Zoo News”

  1. Quite unlike the lion cubs, where we just put them in a feed pan on the counter to weigh them. Kinda makes me appreciate the babies on our string!


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