Little things in life: pans

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the day better.

Sometimes it’s a note from a friend reminding you that she’s thinking of you.

Sometimes it’s a kitty snuggling into your lap while you’re trying to pay bills or do something else just as unpleasant.

Sometimes it’s finding an old photo you’d forgotten and remembering something happy.

Sometimes it’s a hot cup of tea.

And sometimes it’s a coupon that allows you to get a new pan.

I made myself French toast today with my lovely new square, flat pan. I’m trying a new type of pan (the hard anodized kind of non-stick) because I like non-stick but Teflon and the like give me headaches, which is more than a little scary… so I think for Christmas I may ask for gift cards to get new pans. I like having some non-stick, but I think I’m mostly going to get stainless and cast iron to be honest. They’ll last longer and I know won’t ever make me sick.

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