Random thoughts on a Wednesday night

I like manatees.

I also like lots of other animals. In fact, I’ve noticed that whatever animal I’m observing at a given moment could possibly be my “favorite.” But if I had to pick… big cats are awesome. Tigers. Lions. Snow leopards, even though they aren’t technically big cats. Y’know, those.

I like scary movies that are psychologically scary but don’t like scary movies that are “slasher” movies or that try too hard and show too much. [side note: I laughed through the entire showing of The Ring when I saw it in theaters. True story. Too cheesy.]

I like chocolate-covered fruit, but also chocolate dipped shortbread. This was a new thing tonight when I happened to have leftover dipping chocolate (having just made strawberries and cherries for a potluck) and had two shortbread cookies in the fridge. Naughty but yummy.

I think I might have a mild case of insomnia. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it since childhood because I can remember distinct periods in my life (including the last month or so) when I would go weeks without getting a good night’s sleep. We’re talking lying still in bed, lights out, but wide awake. I remember it happening as early as when I was 7 (first grade, I’m thinking) and as recently as two nights ago when I lay there until after 2am. What gives with that? I really, really want to go to sleep. Right now, for instance, I have to get up at 5am but it’s almost 11pm and here I sit, blogging. If I was genuinely tired, you wouldn’t get this much written. Seriously.

I like chocolate dipped cherries but not the candy ones with the filling stuff.

I like watching British TV. And when I have time to sit and watch the premier of “The Hour” I’ll tell you what I thought of it.

I’m excited for Doctor Who in 10 days.

I really love the color green.

I’ve also discovered that I like floral prints. Not weird ones, but very classic looking ones. Subtle.

I met someone tonight who just graduated from Duke divinity school and who goes to a church I attended a long time ago and who knows a lot of the places (and some of the people) I know and I sort of cornered him, but he didn’t seem to mind at all and it was nice to talk to someone who speaks the same language as me.

The languages I speak include American, English, Geek, Military (with a Navy dialect), and Southern. There are probably a few others, but that’s really the main group. And the interesting thing about all of these is that if you don’t “speak the language” you can get completely lost while talking to someone. Military and Geek speak are especially jargon prone and you really have to know it well or you’ll get quickly out of your depth. The nice thing about it is that once you start to talk to someone, if you know 75% of what they’re saying and then act really interested in the other 25% they will usually explain it to you. So there’s that.

I really, really need to try and go to sleep. Really.

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