Another North Shore Weekend

Erdman sunrise

Today has been a productive day, which is good as I was at the north shore again all weekend. Granted, it was for a youth retreat which is also productive (in another way), but today I needed to get the car inspected and the oil changed, get the form from the Navy that says we’re stationed here, and then get the can registration renewed and somehow I managed it all in one afternoon! Plus I got fun things in the mail and had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and had a long-distance phone conversation and found red ballet flats on clearance. All in all, today was a very good day indeed!

I’ll put some photos of this weekend below the cut so they don’t clutter. Most are scenery, but I might post a few of the retreat because shaving cream fights are just plain funny. ^_^

Erdman sunrise waves

I woke up at 6 on Sunday morning and went out to the beach and watched the sun rise over my right shoulder. I love the way the white foam is the first thing to light up in the morning and the last thing glowing in the evening.

These next couple of photos are from a couple of hours later in the day and show how close the mountains and ocean are.

Erdman shore to mountains

Morning light

Erdman looking through leaves

Aaand the only photo taken of me that I have. Proof I was there! (One of the kids took this of me with my camera.)

Erdman ME

Next are some photos of the youth; everything from s’mores to silly relays to worship time.

Erdman dripping bucket

Erdman marshmallow splat

Erdman sip and spit

Erdman reindeer

Erdman shaving cream group

Erdman climbing wall

Erdman band

Erdman singing

Erdman campfire 1

Since I photographed a sunrise, here is a moonrise to go with it. ^_^

Erdman moonrise

It’s a good group. ^_^

Erdman group shot


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