Year 29

Well, my 29th birthday has come and gone.

Bird of Paradise

It’s been a lovely weekend (week, really) of celebrating with friends and enjoying time together.

On Wednesday, I was treated to barbeque and macaroni and cornbread (at my request!) for dinner, followed by cupcakes. Friday I had dinner with a couple of friends, then we headed to the north shore and stayed at Turtle Bay Resort for the night. We had a beautiful ocean-view room and I had the bed by the balcony; we fell asleep listening to the ocean crashing against the rocks and sand. Saturday morning I woke up early (as has become my custom) and rolled over… and saw this:

Turtle Bay sunrise

I blearily reached for my camera and stumbled out onto the balcony and my camera and I watched the sun rise. It was gorgeous.

Turtle Bay pedi

After that, we had a brunch (including a spinach, crab, and brie omelet!) and then another friend joined us and we hung out by the pool for a couple of hours. We got pedicures at the spa there, spent more time at the pool, and then drove down to Haleiwa for a late lunch and some window shopping. I went into the art gallery I like up there and discovered the Heather Brown piece I love is completely sold out (they only do 100 per run) so I picked a new one to daydream about putting in my living room. Maybe before we leave the island I’ll really get one.

Saturday night I went to a 50th birthday party and had a good time relaxing and chatting with some new people. Tonight (Sunday), I had dinner with a bunch of my friends and it was nice to have so many people come out to spend the evening with me. I’ve got a great group of friends in my life right now. One is leaving tomorrow to go to their next duty station and it was sad to say goodbye tonight… but not as sad as other goodbyes have been. I’m at the point where I just say, “See you soon!” and I really mean it; goodbye isn’t forever, especially in the military community.

Turtle Bay surfer

October is looking like it will be a good month. ^_^

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